At Decor Unique we want your experience with us to be relaxing, and enjoyable as we work to piece together the elements of your event.  Additionally, this will consist of but not limited to the following:

  • Free consultation
  • Creating Event Budgets
  • Booking Venues
  • Coordinating with vendors, ie. caterers, decorators, presenters and trainers
  • Overseeing the entertainment
  • Assisting with travel and accommodations

Need day of event services as well? We will be more than happy to provide that.

Weddings, Milestone Events (Birthday, Graduations, Anniversaries, Communions and Retirement parties), Baby and Bridal Showers and the list goes on.  We will help you plan, organize and execute your event.  From choosing the event theme to organizing seating arrangements, it all matters in establishing the perfect atmosphere for your guests. 

Team Training/Building, Work retreats, Fundraisers and Social events.  Choosing the right venue is important and can impact how your employees, members and even volunteers experience your event.  From table setup, food preparation and activities, we can organize an agenda that will help you reach your goal by keeping attendees engaged and abreast of what is happening.

During these times things can feel heavy and difficult to maneuver through.  To have someone come alongside to guide you through the planning of a memorable send off for your loved one can be a huge weight lifted.  We can advise you on where to start in the funeral planning process and wake, if one is desired.